The answer right now is clearly no. Netflix is riding high. It is omnipotent. But that could potentially be a problem in the future.

As Benedict Evans points out Netflix is no longer a tech company. Their tech works, the platform, the streaming bandwith, the algorithm — all of the…

My good friend, and often creative partner in crime, Stefan Haverkamp, died in a tragic accident while filming last month. If you knew Stefan or you think helping maverick creatives like Stefan get along in this world is important, but you can’t be bothered to read this piece, please just…

Just as ‘digital’ moved from the back of marketing decks to the front, the same will happen with sustainability.

Starting off working in ‘traditional advertising’ — TV and Print basically — and then moving to digital very early I have always kept an eye on the progression of digital. Let’s…

There is a scene in the movie Buffalo 66, written, directed and starring Vincent Gallo, when he returns to meet his parents. Gallo’s, character Billy, was wrongfully imprisoned due to his father losing money on a football match (The Buffalo Bills).

He finally meets his parents with his girlfriend, Christina Ricci, and Billy’s mom (Anjelica Houston) says one of my favourite lines in the history of filmmaking, to Billy’s father: “Get the Billy picture.”

The whole movie wrapped up in four words.

The perfect line.

James Cooper

Creative Director

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