Just as ‘digital’ moved from the back of marketing decks to the front, the same will happen with sustainability.

Starting off working in ‘traditional advertising’ — TV and Print basically — and then moving to digital very early I have always kept an eye on the progression of digital. Let’s…

There is a scene in the movie Buffalo 66, written, directed and starring Vincent Gallo, when he returns to meet his parents. Gallo’s, character Billy, was wrongfully imprisoned due to his father losing money on a football match (The Buffalo Bills).

He finally meets his parents with his girlfriend, Christina Ricci, and Billy’s mom (Anjelica Houston) says one of my favourite lines in the history of filmmaking, to Billy’s father: “Get the Billy picture.”

The whole movie wrapped up in four words.

The perfect line.

The Thing about Oatly.

We’ve been working on a new brand in the food space. From day one we referenced two brands. One was Brew Dog – which we now have as a new client – yay – and the other was Oatly.

Living in New York in 2018 I…

For as long as I can remember I start off each working week listening to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify.

I’m quite anal about my Spotify algorithm. All kids music goes through Amazon Music or YouTube. Over the years this has paid dividends. My weekly playlist is usually very…

The ultimate F**k You. The ultimate act of betrayal.

If you haven’t watched Call My Agent on Netflix yet none of this will make any sense. You should. It is brilliant. Especially if you work in Advertising or any kind of creative industry.

Call My Agent portrays all the office…

Yesterday Boris Johnson announced the dates for the UK getting out of lockdown but the real story was Daft Punk announcing that after 28 years they were splitting up.

Eulogies abound on their catalogue. My personal take is that the only Daft Punk record that I actually own is Homework…

Ted Cruz is the ambition.

Nothing to do with Music, Advertising or Running today — unless we count Ted Cruz running away from Texas.

A lot of people outside of the US don’t understand how Donald Trump could have become president and after four years of utter contempt for almost…

Lockdown and working from home has precious little going for it. If you have kids, seeing more of them is a good (mostly!!) thing, avoiding the commute is good — but when do you read a book? …

On a forum for record nerds.

I recently joined the Test Pressing Forum. Test Pressing has been going since 2008. It’s site that originally posted a load of great Balearic (Ibiza) mixes. But as the web site says has now:

expanded to a modern ‘anything goes’ attitude. We promote music…

Famous words by David Ogilvy no less.

It’s often easy to forget as media becomes more discombobulated, strategies more complex and the general shit show that we call modern advertising goes through metamorphosis once more that when we put pen to paper it’s to sell something.

Someone recommended to me…

James Cooper

Creative Director

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